Kinjarling Marsupial Rescue: Basic Wildlife Rescue and Joey Care Workshops Feb 2022

Kinjarling Marsupial Rescue workshops Feb 2022

Deep, deep in the heart of lush green Littlegrove lies “Kinjarling Marsupial Rescue”. A tranquil haven and sanctuary for injured or orphaned pouch born, furry creatures. Tactfully tucked safely clear of roads and predators, this essential shelter acts as hospital, creche and sanatorium to any animals in need.

The grand matriarch, matron and mother superior is none other than Citizen of the year, Nicole Link. A pint-sized human dynamo who has devoted her life, family and home to tirelessly care for struggling marsupials. 24 hours a day regardless of circumstances, Nicole along with her volunteers, answers the call for help. We arrived just in time to watch Nicole feed the 2 baby ringtails that had just been placed in her care.

Without exception all workshop participants came away brimming with vital knowledge, essential for caring and raising joeys and what to do if you encounter injured wildlife. From first aid kits to milk formulas, safety first to pouches and rescue procedures. None of us were left with any doubt regarding Nicole’s passion and dedication to this thankless unending task.

Many thanks from all who were fortunate enough to share your wisdom Nicole.

Sam Pasfield (coordinator)

Basic Wildlife Rescue
This half day workshop comprehensively covered first response to injured wildlife by members of the public.
When to help, what to do, where to find assistance and how to stay safe in the process, plus handling demonstrations.
Followed by information on living with wildlife and Q&A with owner and founder Nicole Link -Albany Citizen of the Year 2022.

Joey Care Workshop
Covering all aspects of caring for orphaned kangaroo joeys from furless to release.
Suitable for new and existing rehabilitators wishing to freshen up their skills.
Followed by a facility tour and Q&A.

Who do I contact if I see an injured possum?

  • Kinjarling Marsupial Rescue Inc:  0408 080 477
  • Born Free Wildlife Carers: 0427 772 312
  • Healing Hands Wildlife Care: 0475 442 202
  • Wildcare Helpline:  (08) 9474 9055
  • Wildlife Rescue Australia (24 Hr helpline): 1300 596 457

This project is supported by funding from Lotterywest and the Western Australian Government’s State NRM Program