This project is designed to build community appreciation of the areas’ natural assets and to educate in the importance of natural resource management. Key activities include introducing bio-intensive micro-farming; biochar on the small scale; installation and monitoring nest boxes, tours highlighting the unique geology, biodiversity and indigenous value of the area and educational information sessions and workshops.

Workshops included:

Food Production Tour with Lorna Thompson

Dr Christine Jones- Soil Secrets and Masterclass

Forever Project- Urban Focus featuring Chris Ferreira. Discussing sustainability in an urban setting.

Forever Project- Heavenly Hectares featuring Chris Ferreira. How to develop sustainable planning for small to large properties.

Botanic Art with Serena McLauchlan- bringing people into contact with the environment through art.

Making Biochar on a Small Scale- at Cape Cafe, a well attended event with 40 attendees showing the use of pyrolisers to clean up your property while making Biochar as a way of sequestering carbon and nourishing your garden at the same time.

Bat Box Building with NatSync- hands on event to build bat boxes and Bat Night Walk- Took place around the Torbay hall. We heard/ saw 6-7 of the 11 local species!

Getting to Know the Catchment- Guided walk along the Bibulmum Track between the Wind Farm and Mutton Bird beach discovering local plant species and bird life.

Discover our Local Flora Walk with Damien Rathbone from Southern Ecology- Guided walk along the Bibulmun Track between Dingo beach to the Torbay hut. Through the diverse landscape found in West Cape Howe National park.

Biochar at the Festival of Small Halls- the impromptu setting up of a pyroliser at this Festival event brought in a range of interest from curious attendees. Not to mention cleaning up debris from around the Torbay hall!

Soil! Earths Underrated Superhero with Matthew Evans- we talked everything soil

This project is supported by funding from the Western Australian Government’s State NRM Program