In recent times funding has become harder to obtain for small water-based catchment organisations in Western Australia, and staffing has been greatly reduced. So the time that is available needs to be efficiently used by both paid staff and volunteers. The Strategic Plan is designed to assist with this by guiding the group’s day-to-day activities and ensure that the group remains viable over the long term. The plan sets out five main aims:

  1. Promote the aims and objectives of the Torbay Catchment Group
  2. Maintain long term viability of the Torbay Catchment Group
  3. Develop and implement the Torbay Catchment Restoration Plan
  4. Value, inform and involve a diverse membership
  5. Provide an effective support base for group operations


Our Vision

An environmentally clean, balanced ecology supporting a prosperous community in which people respect each other’s use of the catchment and waterways

Our Mission

To promote sustainable land use and reduce nutrient loading of waterways, lakes and inlets. To encourage biodiversity and conservation of our natural environment with community involvement and understanding.

Our Constitution

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