FIRE: An environmental, cultural issue impacting on Fauna & Flora (commencing April 2019)

In WA, and across the globe, we regularly see fires out of control, causing property loss and impacting on our environment. It is clear FIRE management is extremely important and we need to be proactive. Most people want to do something, but are unsure what to do. Currently most burns are hot, causing lasting impacts, on flora, fauna and soil, and adding masses of carbon to the atmosphere. This project will go back to basics, learning from and demonstrating

Aboriginal “fire management techniques”. This project will use bush fire specialists to: run community information workshops; work with local Aboriginals to conduct demonstration burns on private property, providing training opportunities for local communities; NRM groups; voluntary fire brigades and most importantly local landholders. There will be: comprehensive planning; pre and post-fire study of the site, including surveys, photos and soil-sampling. The outcome will be better educated with a more proactive fire ready community moving towards cooler burns with better environmental outcomes.

video of local brigades conducting cool burn May 2019

Fire strategy for small communities (updated January 2023)


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