Fox Control in the Greater Torbay Catchment (commenced May 2013)

This project will control feral animals, especially the introduced red fox, by contracting professional feral animal controllers to trap and dispatch no fewer than 50 foxes or cats per year, for the next three years within the Greater Torbay Catchment. The contractor will be required to provide evidence of captures (ears).

Organised shooting events are not viable within the greater Torbay Catchment due to predominately smaller sized properties. 1080 baiting programs widely advertised in previous years have not been taken up by landholders. Therefore contracting a professional feral animal controller, who holds the appropriate firearm licences and insurances, is proposed. The professional feral animal controllers will target known problems areas such as refuse sites and reserves working closely with private landholders, City of Albany, Verve Energy, the Department of Parks and Wildlife, Department of Water and Water Corporation to implement trapping and accepted control methods. Funded by South Coast Natural Resource Management.

More information is available for any people interested in undertaking fox control on their own properties.