Funded By:

Natural Resorce Mananegemt Program

Duration February 2018 – March 2019

This project will produce an illustrated interpretation manual and hold education workshops and seminars. Soils will be sourced from Torbay Catchment, with community members actively participating in the project.

This project is now completed and a booklet titled ‘Using paper chromatography for assessing soil health in southwestern Australia’ is available for you to download.  This booklet has findings from the project and shows you how to make chromatograms.

Soil chromatography is described as a cheap, effective way of assessing soil condition, with landowners encouraged to use this method for assessment of soil health. Although the procedure for generating ‘chromatograms’ is well described, robust interpretation of these pictorial representations of soil health is missing.

Activities will include

  • production of booklet of chromatography of south-west Australian soils
  • produce chromatograms across a range of local soil types

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