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Duration September 2016 – December 2017

 Torbay Catchment Group’s (TCG) Restoration Plan was the result of extensive community and stakeholder consultation and was designed to underpin all NRM works. 10 years have lapsed and things have changed including the large number of new residents who have no ownership of the current plan and the group’s operating range now includes areas not covered by the existing plan.

This project will review and rewrite the plan. It will address current gaps through a process of stakeholder and community consultation and will lead to renewed focus for the group. It will increase community awareness and involvement in the group.

Activities to date include:

  • Hiring a consultant
  • Reviewing information
  • Holding several committee and key stakeholder meetings
  • Starting on new layout for new plan
  • Booking community meetings


Upcoming events:

  • Community forum – catchment planning

Wednesday 7 June

South Coast Progress Hall, Little Grove


  • Community forum – catchment planning

Wednesday 14 June

Torbay Hall, Torbay