This project encompasses fencing and revegetation works across five farms to be undertaken in 2022.

The aim is to protect remnant vegetation, exclude stock from watercourses and to improve habitat for wildlife, with a focus on the endangered Western Ringtail Possum and three black cockatoo species.

The fencing and revegetation form part of staged habitat and environmental protection works on each farm.

In total this project will undertake: 6.81km of stock exclusion fencing (6.01km to protect remnant vegetation, 0.8km to protect riparian areas); and 7.29ha re-vegetation. 

The project works to address key processes threatening endangered species.  They are habitat degradation and habitat loss which are addressed through fencing to exclude stock from remnant vegetation and riparian areas and through increasing habitat via revegetation works. 

This project is supported by funding from the Western Australian Government’s State NRM Program.

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