Funded By:

Natural Resorce Mananegemt Program




Duration February 2018 – December 2018

This project aims to provide better information on where possums are located, leading to better decision making and better outcomes.  It will continue to raise awareness of these animals with the wider community.

The western ringtail possum (WRP) is critically endangered. Once occurring throughout
the southwest, Albany is one of the three stronghold population centres. However very
little is understood about the animal. It is unclear how far possums move in the landscape,
whether local populations are genetically isolated and where it occurs outside Albany town
centre. Recent surveying undertaken in the Torbay catchment has found good populations,
previously unrecorded.

Activities will include

  • possum surveying
  • DNA sampling
  • raise awareness
  • data sharing

Keep a look out for activities and events which will be advertised through our email list and via our events page.