The Torbay Catchment Group can assist landholders to undertake on ground works on their properties. The normal method for doing this is through grants. The type of assistance provided through grants varies from time to time. Examples of the types of activities for which grants may be available include weed control, feral animal control, fencing, revegetation and soil sampling.

Current grants available:
The Torbay Catchment Group currently has funds (up to $1450.00 per hectare for plants and up to $2400.00/kilometre for fencing) for revegetation to provide habitat for the Western Ringtail Possum which is listed as critically endangered.

A limited amount of funding is available for revegetation and fencing to create or enhance habitat to assist with the possum conservation. Species to be planted are to be suitable as food species and to provide habitat. Plants will be provided by Torbay Catchment Group in the form of seedlings or seed (or both) depending on the location and suitability.

Please email or phone the Torbay Catchment Group project officer (0439 461 591) for information and assistance.

For help with revegetation methods, the plants to use, weed contol, etc. or the conservation of bushland and waterways, look at the Resources page or contact the Torbay Catchment Group.

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