We had a fantastic time at the possum & pizza night!

western ringtail possum pair

In October 2021 we ran a possum information night to present some of our data from the last two years.

The distance sampling data involved visiting the same locations multiple times to learn more about population and habitat.

We discovered possum numbers in a particular area may be very low in some seasons and high during others, indicating that possums in bushland areas may travel larger distances to locate better feeding grounds.

This gives weight to the idea that possums take advantage of different vegetation types and flowering activity at different times of the year.

We think this also indicates the importance of landscape connectivity and diversity in bushland habitats to allow for thriving possum populations, whereas in urban areas, possums don’t appear to travel very far.

The presentation concluded with a night possum spotting trek at Cosy Corner where we were lucky enough to see a healthy population of ringtail possums and even a mother and baby!

Click here for the presentation.


West Cape Howe and Cosy Corner Distance Sampling Survey Sites








This project is supported by funding from Lotterywest and the Western Australian Government’s State NRM Program.