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Project duration July 2015- June 2018

Objective: To develop alternative sustainable management practices across the Torbay Catchment through increased understanding of soil biology and responses to soil microbes by 2018.

This project uses results and learnings from the 2013-15 project to encourage the understanding of soil biology to reduce off site impacts and improve productivity in the Torbay Catchment.  Associated workshops, field days and communication activities will engage farming communities in innovative practices to increase skills, knowledge and confidence to adopt new behaviors.

Activities to date include:

  • Commencement of soil trials
    • TM Agricultural, a soil rejuvenator is being trialed
    • Collection, culturing and application of local microbes is being trialed at the other sites
  • Workshops run to date include
    • Understanding your soil test & nutrient mapping
    • Spend a day with Hugh Lovel
    • 3 day bio-fertiliser workshop with Kym Cruse (TCG paid for members to attend this)
    • Soil biology field day
    • LAMP (Local Area Microbe Preparation) field collection days x 4