Funded By:

Natural Resorce Mananegemt Program




Duration March 2017 – June 2018

This project will provide evidence of the potential of biofertilisers for improving soil condition in southwestern Australia. Following attendance at a biofertiliser production workshop in September 2016, five landowners will produce and apply biofertiliser to agricultural trial plots, and we will monitor the effect of this fertiliser on soil carbon, microbial activity and water holding capacity. Successful production and application of biofertilisers can lead to significant improvements in on-farm fertility and substantial reductions in input costs. The potential of using biofertilisers to improve soil condition has received very little attention to date and should be more fully explored.


Activities to date

  • Detailed project planning
  • Site selection
  • LAMP (Local Area Microbe Preparation) collection and culturing
  • LLM (Liquid Local Microbes) brewing and applications

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