Healthy Estuaries WA

Torbay Inlet is one of the seven estuaries targeted by Healthy Estuaries WA, a $25 million state government program, led by the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation, to improve the health of our regional estuaries.

Healthy Estuaries WA coordinates and implements common actions across at-risk estuaries, building regional capability, promoting whole-of-industry engagement, and strengthening cooperative networks to share resources and knowledge.

The program will include work to reduce nutrient inputs from priority catchments, use the latest science to monitor and effectively manage waterways, and continue to build collaboration between community, scientists, government and industry.

Torbay Catchment Group has partnered with Healthy Estuaries WA and is delivering on-ground actions for Torbay farmers as a part of the Sustainable Agriculture Strategy.

Through the fertiliser management program, farmers have access to soil testing, pasture tissue testing and one-on-one agronomic advice across their whole farm.

More information about the soil testing program can be found here.


Thanks to our Project Partners:

Department of Water and Environmental Regulations