Torbay Catchment Soil Testing Program expressions of interest are now open for 2024/25!

Join hundreds of South-West farmers that have improved farm productivity, reduced unnecessary fertiliser costs and minimised nutrient losses.

Here’s what you can expect from the program:

✅ Farm soil and plant tissue testing and analysis

✅ Detailed farm maps and reports outlining nutrient deficiencies

✅ One-on-one agronomic advice and fertiliser plan

✅ Invitations to events and workshops facilitated by experts in farm nutrients and soil health.

✅ Be part of a network of farmers regenerating soil and protecting waterways!

$300 per farm (for new participants) – Valued at nearly $5000!

The program is open to beef, dairy and sheep enterprises, with priority, given to those with over 40ha of arable land.

Ready to find out more or apply?

Click here to find out more or apply by 28th July!