A Noongar Perspective: Torbay Hill tour with Larry Blight

There was an unprecedented amount of interest in the tour with Larry, we had so many emails and messages of people wishing to attend after it booked out in a few hours. This has led to creating a second opportunity to re-do the tour for those who missed out but really wanted the chance to engage their ‘backyard’ landscape with a cultural lens.  

The weather was perfect on the day, sunny with a few clouds and an easy breeze. One participant even rode to get there! We started off tasting and learning about a leucopogon species of bushfood right there in the carpark area and that set the tone for the next three hours of easeful, fun, and jam-packed learning. We spotted a recently killed rabbit on a branch overhanging the track where a bird of prey must have left it. Saw parluk (grass trees) that must have been over 1200 years old, came across a particularly feisty yoorn (bob tail) and learnt about countless other species and cultural relationships with the landscape. 

It was a steep and relatively long walk, especially for those carrying the morning tea, milk, fruit etc! 

We were so grateful to Larry for sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm for this beautiful land!

This project is supported by funding from the Western Australian Government’s State NRM Program