Possums and catchment planning – well attended

TCG recently held two well attended events, one at Little Grove and the other at Torbay.  Both events covered the same two topics – the critically endangered western ringtail possum and the latter segment was aimed at finding out what people value or love about the area.  The information gathered will be used to feed into the updated Torbay Catchment plan which is due for completion later this year.

Bronte Van Helden (UWA) presented on the possum, its habits and habitats, and the presentation included interesting data on local possum sightings.  This showed just how much we know and don’t know about these animals.

Louise Duxbury (Greenskills) presented an interactive session where people put forward their views on the themes that will appear in the new plan and the values associate with them.  Information was also collected on what the perceived threats are to these important values.

To have your input into the new catchment plan please fill out the survey.