Fire Project (State NRM funded)

Over the last few years fire has come to the forefront of everyone’s consciousness as we grapple with decreased rainfall and increasing temperatures. TCG has not been involved in this type of project before, but as a community-based organisation, it is an area worthy of our attention.

Project activities commenced in May 2018 with a cool burn. Footage can be seen here. Our involvement in this activity was only made possible through a very generous offer by the local Torbay Volunteer Bushfire Brigade, supported by the Elleker  Brigade  and with the permission of the local landholder.

The local brigade used this hazard reduction burn to train new volunteer fire recruits. This site has, and will be, the subject of a range of tests including before and after flora and possum surveys.

Other activities include: October 2019  – 2 x Fire Workshops presented by the Forever Project, supported by DFES and the City of Albany, demonstrating practical examples of how to  retrofit your home, assessing your home for weakness to ember attack, how to landscape for fire and getting you and your family prepared for fire.

For anyone who hasn’t attended a Forever Project Fire Workshop, we strongly recommend you take any opportunity to attend. Participants always rate them very highly and often like to attend more than one.

The final activity is an Indigenous led cool burn, originally planned for May this year, now postponed until a similar time next year.