A busy year – lots of events

We have a busy year with many varied events ahead.  We hope you will join us for one or two of them. Keep an eye out on our events page for dates and booking details.  Below are a list of just some of the things that will be on offer.

• Walking the catchment – guided walks following some of our beautiful trails (with talks on landforms and flora)
• Canoeing the catchment waterways (talks on the functioning of the waterways)
• Possum spotlighting & volunteer training (finding out more about our critically endangered marsupial)
• Beach combing including plastics and rubbish collection
• Plastics awareness days
• Beekeeping workshops
• Walter Jehne & Phill Lee – Improving our productive soils
• Touring the catchment – bus tour highlighting a range of local sights (lake Vancouver Lake Powell, Torbay Inlet)
• Bush foods and Indigenous place names tour
• Fox & other related workshops
• Western Ringtail Possum information workshops
• Nest box building
• Black Cockatoo information sessions
• Chromatography
• Making your own biofertilser

Stay tuned!!